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Windows 10

posted Oct 1, 2014, 11:49 AM by Robert Chandler   [ updated Oct 1, 2014, 2:26 PM ]
I won't say I told you so but... It's official -- The Windows start menu is back!!
So will the fixed Win8 desktop experience be available as a Windows 8.2 release?
No they will skip Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 and name the new OS ... ...drum roll.. "Windows 10" </rollsEyes>
What just to fix up the desktop experience they broke? .... Yes!

When will WinX be available? Looking at this slide, Enterprise customers (organizations) will have it by the end of the year (so next month or Dec). Consumers & Developers - first half of 2015.

Tech Preview

Knowing MS, Windows 10 is now locked down and halfway out the door. Any feedback from the tech preview won't effect the features list in this coming release.

Wrap up

Steve Ballmer (old CEO) made a mistake thinking he could ignore customer and herd users into a tablet centric Windows experience.
Microsoft may be late to the party but at least they got there.  To FINALLY acknowledge the discontentment of Win8 desktop users and return to customer centered design is a positive step forward. 

Microsoft are back on track.

Sad they seem to be walking away from Windows 8. They could have fixed it. I guess Windows 10 is the fix. It's just a label after all.
Rumours are that Windows 10 may be made free to Windows 7 & 8 users.  So that would be very good news for all the Windows 8 users relying on a 3rd party Start menu to fix the desktop experience. And good for the Win 7 users who won't  touch Win 8.