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2010 MVP Summit

Feb 16-19 2010 -- This year 1,396 MVPs from over 70 countries.
Help MVPs Attending: Char James-Tanny, Dana Worley, Rob Chandler, Paul Nashamkin.
The Highlights: 3 days with the Help 3 team in building 84

    Report by Rob Chandler - More notes here:

Who did we interact with?
  • Paul O'Rear (The Help Guy) is our MVP technology lead, and now a PM on the Help Viewer team. 
  • Help PMs: Paul O'Rear, Charles Christian, Sheridan Harrison, Malcolm Dickson.
  • Dev/Test: Ian Hollier, Jason ...
  • Also: Kimberly WolkJeff Braaten, Anand Raman, Ryan Linton, Karen Berger - Group program manager (looks after internal customers), Brett from the SQL team (met Brett last time).
Quick recap:
  • Monday: 
    • Pre Summit Meeting with Paul, Ryan & Italian MVP Raffaele Rialdi (B 41/462.1). 
      Raff had many good comments and lots of good questions on MS Help Viewer 1.0.
    • Dinner with Sheridan, Charles and Paul O'Rear.
  • Tuesday
    • Conference starts with keynote and mixer. The Pike market fish mongers were throwing fish. :-)
      The reason was in a previous conference some stupid MVP said they were sick of Salmon. Last year Salmon disappeared. So we all complained. This year they announced there was Salmon, but not too much. The Pike market guys made it all a bit of fun.

    • Most wonderful dinner out with MVPs and the Microsoft help people. - 11111 Northeast 8th Street, Bellevue, WA 98004
  • Wednesday
    • Morning and afternoon of Deep dives with Help Viewer 1.0. Everything from packages to validation tools.
    • Rob runs through H3Viewer and mshcMigrate utility.
  • Thursday
    • Help Viewer 1.1 Planning / SQL Help futures
    • MTPS Publishing Services. Anand's guys tell us about packages on the web and how they will cope while Charles is on holidays. :-)
    • Attendee Party - Building/Room: Garage, 1130 Broadway Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
      Rob: Tied so had dinner with Wayne Small (SBS MVP from Aus). Then watched Lighting Thief.
  • Friday
    • Unplanned morning of help team.
    • Hyatt ball room: Dan Reed, Corporate VP, eXtreme Computing Group will discuss Research on parallel and ultrafast computing and update on Cloud Computing

Paul Nasamkin with Paul O'Rear. And Charles.

Charles, Sheridan, Char & Dana. Amazing building, the inner multi-purpose area means everyone gets a window.
Charles leaves for India on Monday to catch up with family who are already there. 

Charles, Ian, Dana, Char, Rob, Paul. In front: Sheridan and Paul O'Rear.

Ian and Malcolm

PM Malcolm Dickson updates us on Help Viewer. Malcolm's new to the roll and is working long hours while he play's catchup. Thanks Malcolm!
Looks like Jason Campbell there on the right side (part of the test team -- these guys do a very thorough job of checking for problems and consistency between releases).

The obligatory snap of US MVP Lead Brian Boston with Dana and Rob. At the MVP mixer function. Thanks Brian for the encouragement you send out (And I'm (rob) not even a US MVP). Did a great job on the 2009 tweets. 

View from Paul's Office. The help team co-habit building 5 (from memory)