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MVP Summit 2008 - Part 5

Thursday 17/4/2008

8:30-9:00 - Toby Richards ( - General Manager of Microsoft's Community Support Service Group
9:00-9:45 - Ray Ozzie  (Cheif Software Archetect) + Q&A
10:00-11:00 - Closing keynote - Mr Steve Ballmer (Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corp)
Steve basically share his vision for the company and was his usual jovial entertaining self.
The really funny bit was (remember MS are trying to purchase Yahoo) - Steve says
- "Show of hands who uses MS live Search (No#3 Search Engine) -- No hands.
- "Show of hands who uses Yahoo Search (No#2 Search Engine) -- No hands.
- "Show of hands who uses Google Search (No#1 Search Engine) -- All hands went up & a great cheer.
Obviously the technical community use mostly Google.
Steve B says email him any time. He also said could we do him a favor - Can we get us all to use MS Search for week and email him what we thought.
We are back at the conference center - 4 Big screens at the front. You can see one of the TV cameras there.
The man of the hour - Mr Steve Ballmer

Basically sums up what Microsoft do.
Lunch time - Paul and I are ready anyway.
Dana, Dana, Char and I went down to 1st street to a display of rather unique artwork. Some very striking stuff. -- Dana Cline here with his HD Camera.
Bill eventually found us in down town Seattle. Must have a guardian Angel I think.
Not sure you can appreciate this painting from a small digital snap.
They all used light very well.
Bill and I did the Underground tour. Lots of fun.
Later I went and saw Paul's band practice. Nice group. Yes and Seattle Guitar Circle influences.