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MVP Summit 2008 - Part 2

Sunday 13th - Day before conference

Had lunch with Paul and Tuula, Hanah and Sammy O'Rear. Tuula had made one of my favorite meals. Grilled Chicken on a bed of baby spinache and salad. Yum. We had a good catch up. I gave them some Australian Ginger products and 2 bags of our favorite Aus Organic popcorn.
Dana, Dana and Char arrived later and checked in. We went over to the Washington Convention Center and registered for the conference.
Paul arrived and I took everyone to the Dragon restaurant opposite the Hyatt where we had a scrumptious shared Asian meal. Paul shouted (hope you get MS to cough up Paul).

Paul and Char

Rob, Dana Worley, Dana Cline (no beard!!)
Later Paul and I had a muck around on YouTube (old band clips etc) and I showed him my new traveling guitar.

Monday 13th

MS Sessions Started today

11:30-12:30 -- Lunch for 2000 MVPs.
12:30 -2.00pm - Welcome and KeyNote was Sean Driscoll
Opened by the new MVP boss; Colleen (works under Sean) said some nice thing about Sean and how we will all miss him. Sean was the Keynote speaking on Web 2.0 (which is basically about collaboration on the web).
A big hall (at Washing State Conference Center). 4 enormous screens  (2 either side of the speaker)
Toby Richards (new General Manager Community Support Services) opened - Rattled on about the events for the week.
The Colleen pays tribute to Sean (the out going GM)
Then finally Sean does his Keynote titled: "Web 2.0: Conversations" "if you could only know what your customers know"

This has been Seans little hobby for a while. It was very interesting. Collaboration on the web is obviously in its early
days but getting more sophisticated every day.
Web 2.0 is all around us now.
Categories of conversations

Open Space Sessions

Next the MVPs broke into small groups to discuss all sorts of things (previously worked out via some submission process I hadn't seen).

The sessions are run by MVPs and the discussion will be published.. somewhere so that discussions can continue beyond this time if you want. 

This is a bigger Open Space discussion on NewsGroup experience and how can we improve it.  I though the sessions didn't work too well - however I'm very tied and jet lagged.
So then Bill and I went out in the rain to "Office Depot" to buy a switch so we can both plug into the single wire network. Then we headed back - There was 1hr for catchup/drinks with your group. And then on to dinner.
Lead Brian Boston (see Green card) is where the US Help MVPs meet in the large room
Asian area - Our Australian Lead is Rose Stamell (Orange card)
Aus & NZ: Nick?, Rose (Lead), Darren, Bill,
The drinks and dinner area is on the arch over the road.

Rob, Paul, Bill, Char, Paul O'Rear, Rick Stone, Dana
USA MVP Lead Brian Boston.

Help MVPs and Brian Boston.
Dinner - Deep in discussions

Back to the hotel. Hey where is floor 13?