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2007 Summit

March 12-15th. Redmond Seattle, WA
Total of 1800 MVPs from around the world.
MVPs Attending: Char James-Tanny, Frank Palinkas, Rob Chandler, Rick Stone, Dana Cline (now MCE), Dana Worley, Paul Neshamkin
Paul O'Rear (MS) is again our gracious host, organized many of our events.
Hanging out in downtown Seattle. Rob (shooting), Frank and Char. We stayed just up the road in one of the big hotels (Sheraton)

We meet up with Paul Neshamkin (right)
Paul O'Rear (MS), Frank & Paul at conference registration and Expo.

Frank, Rick Stone and myself (Rob Chandler) at the expo
At the expo the whole gang is together. Dana Worely (next to Char) and Dana Cline (second from right talking to Paul)

MVP Dana Worley having breakfast. Do I have to smile this early in the morning?

Frank and I had nice lunch chatting to Excel MVP Curtis Frye (popular book author)

Waiting for Keynote speaker Bill Gates to arrive.|
1800 MVPs from around the world (including 62 from Australia and New Zealand). Plus countless MS staff.

The man of the hour Mr Bill Gates. Very gracious. Talked to us and patiently answered many questions

The MVP Party. That's the bar, under the huge titanium stealth jet.

The MVP Party. Frank in the middle. These ladies are the original Pam-AN flight hostesses. 
Part of the success of the Museum of Flight are all the volunteers who give up their time.

Ginger [MS] -- Ginger and her team worked very hard to produce WinHelp for Vista. Thanks Ginger. If only we could bottle that smile.
Like Kipper, Ginger has now moved on and left the help team. Fixing WinHelp and copping all the abuse from fustrated uses is no fun.

Paul Neshamkin, Bill Burns, Char, Dana, Frank (standing), Paul and Ginger

One of our hosts Mahua Chaudhuri [MS] with Frank making sure we are all well looked after

Last day. Lunch and goodbyes

Then MVP Summit director Coordinator Sean O'Driscoll with with Char James-Tanny

More pics from the band room at the MVP Party (Flight Museum)
Ladies and gentleman Mr Bill Burns on Bass

Bill again. The fellow on Guitar (left) is Microsofty Mike Hernandez (PM for Office Tools). Nice guy and an excellent guitar player

Bill passes the bass to Rob for a go. Rob in the shorts.

More MVP Jam shots -- all and all we had great fun.