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2005 Summit

Sep 28 - Oct 1.
By this time the core dev Help group is fragmenting and we wonder where we (MVPs) fit in.
Shane is off finishing AP Server Help and doing more Sharepoint services stuff.
MVPs Attending: Char James-Tanny, Rob Chandler, Paul Neshamkin
MS Attending: Paul O'Rear (MS)
Rob's memories: I don't recall much. I know Char and I stayed at the Sheraton Seattle in Bellevue. We were opposite all the shops. So killed time in the mall and borders. We had a really nice meal together there and she had clam chowder. I found a nice Yamaha EUB (bass) in the music mall shop. We bought a gift for Shane who was adopting a little girl from China (?). We had some AP meetings in a different building than usual. The Summit was catching up with AP Help team.
MVPs present AP Help PM Shane McRoberts with a present for the new baby
Shane & Stephanies Blog for more info on the new arrival

Char picking out a present from the help MVPs to give to Shane and Stephanie

Char James-Tanny, Bill Burns, Paul O'Rear & Paul Neshamkin