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2004 Summit

First up we did Writers UA in Hollywood, then went on to the 2004 MVP Summit (Apr 5-8).
MVP Attendees:
Registration day at the MVP summit in Seattle.
Dana Worley, David Liske, Robert Chandler, Dana Cline, Paul ORear / Front: Bill Burns, Char James Tanny

Last night of the Summit. Those still in Seattle attended a very pleasant dinner put on by our host Microsoft.
Rob, Shane McRoberts (MS), Paul O'Rear (MS), Kipper York (MS), Dana Cline, Bill Burns Char James Tanny

MVP David Liske and Rob on the Monorail in Seattle. (Rob: I finally meet David in person after years of chatting via the internet)

The MSN Butterfly shows her true mischievous nature while posing with David Liske

Paul and Bill brutally attack and maim the MSN butterfly. :-)

2004 Summit - We jointed the Windows Client MVPs. Heard a lot about Longhorn plans (Vista) and Tablet PC. And lots of other stuff.

MVP Party - This was the first variety nights (held at the MS Conference Center). It was also the first MVP Jam night.
MS Band "Static Void" kicked it off then MVPs were welcome to get up and pick a chord chart and join in.

  • Mike Hernandez (aka The Black Wombat) - PM, VS Tools for Office
  • Dewey Forrester (aka Deliberance Man) - Manager, Platform Strategy & Partner Group
  • Kirk Hilse (aka Count Zero Interrupt) - Software Test Engineer, VS Tools for Office
  • Roger Harui (aka Kaneda) - Software Test Lead, VS Tools for Office

Bill Burns (a bass player) is just at home on Guitar

Rob on stage playing Bass
Some Band chicks - Kipper York and Dana Worley

On the last day the Windows Client MVPs had a evening meal all together one of the MS cafes, together with various MS PMs and MVP leads.
Rob: I remember talking to the lead PM for Virtual PC who turned out to be an Australian.
That year, all over the campus, were big banners welcoming the MVPs.


What was this ladies name? She was excellent. Talked to us on writing help for Vista.