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2003 Help Summit

July 23-25 - Vista AP Help
MS Main Campus Redmond, Seattle WA, USA: 24-25 Jul 2003
MVPs Attending: Char James-Tanny, Rob CHandler, Bill Burns, Paul Neshamkin
ISVs Attending: Ray & Paul (AuthorIT), Stephan Owens (Peter's mate, ISV starting off), Steve Wexler, Ralph Walden
MS Attending: Paul O'Rear, Kipper York, Peter Plamondon, Wayne Winder, Mark Buckley, Shane McRoberts, Ginger Gloystein, Eric Hull, Guillaume Sanje-Mpacko, Ekta , Dale Rogerson
Row#3: Paul O'Rear (MS), Char James-Tanny, Rob Chandler, Bill Burns (MVPs)
Row#2: Ray+Paul (AuthorIT), Stephen Owens (ISV - Mate of Peter Plamondon)
Row#1 Michael Eisenstein (ComponentOne)
Behind is: Wayne Winder (Dev) and Mark Buckley (PM) - Mark is no longer with MS
Ginger Gloystein (PM, speaking) and Eric Hull (MS) -- Sorry about the Flash Ginger :-S
Paul Neshamkin taking pics. In front of Paul - Guillaume Sanje-Mpacko (Paul's MS mate), Steve Wexler (ISV)
Eric, Ginger, Shane McRoberts, Ray (AuthorIT), and Ralph Walden far right
Shane speaking - question up the back 
We (Rob, Paul, Paul, Ralph) escaped to Peter Plamondon's place for a beer and to see Stephen Owen's ideas for his new software
Girle power: Ginger, Kipper York, Ekta
Eric Hull & Rob Chandler
Wayne, Ekta, Eric
Dale Rogerson (Dale was/is Paul's boss), Ralph, Kipper