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2001 Summit

We are offically real MVPs and join the main global MVP program.
As you can see we actually have room for tables in the main MS conference center.
Attending: Paul O'Rear, Paul Neshamkin, MJ Plaster, Rob Chandler.
MS: Peter Plamondon (the perfect host)
Paul, Paul + MJ one row back
Peter drops us back at the hotel after driving us around
Time for a quick pic at the back of the conference center
The MVP 2001 party. MS hired a huge 4 story luxury cruise boat. This floor had a disco floor, There were tables of fresh salmon everywhere. The person Rob's dancing with is MVPGA lady Janni Clark.
Rob found some other Australian's on the boat.
Bill Gates and Seve Balmer play a funny video - Gates is Harry Potter, Balmer was Luke Skywalker I think.