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2000 Help Summit

Nov 2-3, 2000. Havan Conference.
MVPs Attending: Cheri, Paul O'Rear, Rob Chandler, Scott Boggan, Paul Neshamkin
ISVs Attending: Ralph Walden, John Bradnam (Virtual Media/HDK), John Juback (Component One), Rengan Rajendran (eHelp) and several others HAT vendors.
Others Attending: Matthew Ellison, Jack DeLand
MS Attending:  Shane McRoberts (PM), Mark Buckley (PM), Kipper York (PM), Wayne (MS Developer), Peter Plamondon (MVP Lead, Evangilist)

Rob's memories

Great conference. My first help summit and first trip to USA. Shane and Mark were main speakers. Kipper and Wayne may have taken a few sessions.
Two full days of H2 Help material. This was the first disclosure of MS Help 2 (AKA Havana). All under NDA. We were introduced to all the H2 concepts and API calls.
I actually flew over with John Bradnan  (Virtual Media). I remember because halfway over the plane hit turbluance and he poured a large cup pf coke and ice into my lap :-) Being new to international travel JB was a great guide and fun company.

Rob with the Help team. We just ate lunch in one of the staff cafes

Rob Chandler and John Bradnam (Virtual Media). Stop-over at Honalulu airport. 
Left is program manager Kipper York. The two guys are help QA.
Break time. Cheryl Lockett Zubak (WorkWrite). The young man left is another QA team member.

Mark Buckley (MS Help Program Manager) chats with Ralph Walden and MVP Paul O'Rear.

Jack DeLand & Scott Boggan, Matthew Ellison (Digitext UK), John Bradnam 
(Virtual Media). Further back in green is John Juback (Component One) and Cheri.

Jack, Scott, Matthew

Rengan Rajendran (eHelp) and Susan Huffaker (MS Support). Susan was so sweat.

John, Shane McRoberts (MS Lead Program Manager), Wayne (MS Developer)

Paul Neshamkin talks Kipper York (PM) and some of the QA team.

John and Rob climbed the Seattle Space Needle

A small part of MS Campus at Redmond.

Peter Plamondon's office (and Peter). No they don't keep him in the dark. Its my crappy disposable camera.

Our Redmond Motel. The Silver Cloud Inn.

Motel carpark. Maple trees in Autumn add color throughout Seattle.

Seattle city water front.