Welcome www.helpmvp.com the home of the Microsoft Help MVPs (both past and present).
MS cancelled the program and closed the forums but we continue to support and serve the help community as Help MVPs
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On this Site:

  Knowledge base of Microsoft Help Technology
  (formerly www.mshelpwiki.com)

KeyWorks Software
  MVP Cheryl Lockett Zubak & MS Dev Ralph Walden.
  HTML Help utilities & code (formerly www.keyworks.net) 

  MS Help Viewer 1.0/2.0 (VS 2010/2012 help) migration
  and viewing tools & info: mshcMigrate.exe / h3viewer.exe

  MS Help Viewer 2.0 (VS 2012 etc & Windows 8 help)
  help API info and examples

  German MVP Josef Beckers (now deceased) ran the site
  helpmaster.info which we preservered here.  

Also in this site: Rob's notebook wiki.helpmvp.com

  WinHelp, HTML Help resources & apps by MVP David Liske

Help MVP Sites:

Looking for training, contractors, tips, code, authoring tools? Check out these Help MVP sites.

  HATT (Help Authoring Tools & Techniques)
  Yahoo discussion group for all things help authoring.

 MVP Paul Neshamkin; Documentation and training;

 MVP Char James-Tanny. All things help and documentation. Speaker, author, tech writer and training.

 MVP Ulrich Kulle. German/Spanish/English Help information, support and tools.

Helpful Solutions
Paul O'Rear was an MVP before life with Microsoft. Visit his MSDN blog "The Help Guy" for all the latest on MSDN Help.

 The Helpware Group
  Help MVP Rob Chandler. Help Software vendor (FAR HTML, H2Reg, H3Viewer etc). Help information.